Tecmo-Koei is the home of Team Ninja, developers of the beloved action game franchise Ninja Gaiden. Revealed at the 2013 Electronic Gaming Expo, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z deviates heavily from established franchise tropes and tone, presenting a unique challenge in marketing the title in a way that appealed to its established fan base while enticing new players.

At the time we were brought on board, Tecmo-Koei’s next opportunity to reach fans would be at the Penny Arcade Expo the following month but, without time to establish a presence on the show floor, they were facing a significant challenge.

Off Base quickly mobilized a dedicated squad to conceptualize and execute a guerilla marketing campaign customized for the PAX Prime audience. Our highly successful awareness efforts spanned the virtual and physical worlds including: a custom Yaiba-themed food truck manned by cosplay/social media celebrities, after-hours parties featuring exclusive prints by one of the hottest young artists in the comic industry, and a mix of unique takes on traditional marketing tools.

We were then tasked with building these efforts into a full-on advertising campaign that now includes major elements such as website takeovers, television buys, and a heavy social media presence.